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May. 7th, 2016 11:22 am
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Player Name: Iddy
Player Age: 25
Player Contact: / [ profile] ihdreniel
Characters Currently Played: n/a

Character Name: Alfie Solomons
Character Age: Unknown; looks to be in his late thirties or early forties
Wiki Page: Character wiki page, series Wikipedia page
Canon: Peaky Blinders
Entry Point From Canon: Not long before his first appearance in canon
Media Type: Live-action TV show

Powers/Abilities/Skills: Nothing supernatural or exceptional. He has his skills - he's smart, is familiar with 1920s-era weaponry (canonically pistols, and probably more because he's a war veteran), and is quite good with people when he chooses to be - but he's not at prodigy levels with anything.

Villainous. Alfie might be fairly tame when compared to take-over-the-world supervillains or genocidal maniacs, but he is an unapologetic criminal despite the smaller scale he operates on. His role in canon is nebulous - most of the show's characters are gangsters, and while he works alongside the main character and his gang sometimes, there are also times when he works against them. But while he's not the type to cause chaos for chaos's sake, and while he does admittedly lean more neutral than a lot of villainous characters, there's still plenty that pushes him over the edge in my mind - he willfully breaks the law on a daily basis, associates with criminals almost entirely, will sometimes backstab his business partners, can be quite brutal towards his enemies, and would just plain be more interested in interacting with fellow criminals in a game setting.

He may slide around a bit on on the villainous scale, but he is extremely unlikely to change much with regards to his role in life. He's been doing what he does for a long time, is settled in his ways, and is quite content with where he is.

Mentor. Alfie is a seasoned gang leader, he's very good at what he does, and while he definitely doesn't win every battle, he has a solid idea of what his goals are and where he wants to be in life. He wouldn't take just anyone under his wing, especially if he had no personal stake in them, but he does occasionally play (or try to play) the mentor role in canon, and I could see him doing it for lower-level criminals in-game.

Which Area(s) Of The City Interest You For Your Character? The City of Shadows! He'd feel out the gang presence and network with the other people who hang out there - not to try to take over or get directly involved in the city himself (he's happy with his place on his own world), but to make contact with likeminded people (or even potential allies).

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Anything Else?: Nope!


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