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Player Name: Iddy
Preferred Pronouns?: she/her/hers
Player Contact: [ profile] ihdreniel,
Other characters in play? n/a

Character Name: Alfie Solomons
Canon: Peaky Blinders
Game Transplant: Snowblind
Original App: here
Game Summary:
Snowblind is a horror-exploration game that takes place in the deserted town of Norfinbury, Alaska, in the mid-22nd century. Characters wake up alone with limited supplies, and have to brave the freezing hellscape outside in order to scavenge for more. Staying put is not an option for a couple of reasons - no building has enough in it to sustain a character for more than a few days, and if they give it a try anyway, they'll start to break down mentally. Despite everyone constantly being on the move, adverse weather conditions make travel slow and difficult, meaning that interaction over the network is much more practical and common than meeting up with other people in person. Most characters form travel groups (generally consisting of 2-5 people) that they spend most or all of their time with. In addition to foraging for supplies, dealing with horrifying metaplot-related events, and doing all that they can to keep warm, characters must work together (by exploring new areas of the town, keeping track of info revealed during NPC interactions, interacting with clues left behind by former residents, etc.) to figure out what the hell this town's deal is, and to - hopefully! - figure out a way out.

How long was your character in Game: approximately five months of IC time and a year and two months of OOC time (the game has a 1:3 ratio for IC:OOC days)
History of Character in their Game:
day-by-day movements and notes
Like everyone in Norfinbury, Alfie started out alone. He used the network to get a general overview of his current situation - by introducing himself (in a manner of speaking), doing some backreading of public posts, and testing the waters with some of the local criminal element to see if they had anything to share that the heroes didn't. He quickly came to the conclusion that Norfinbury was a hard, lawless place where vigilante justice was the name of the game, and so he began finding and making weapons pretty much immediately (his first was a chair leg that he snapped off and sharpened), in case he needed to defend himself or exact some justice of his own.

meeting the bae
Exactly a week after arriving, he ran into his first person - Royce Melborn, a man he'd spoken to over the network a few times and had gotten along pretty well with. He didn't really know him well enough to trust him, but a big part of him was still pretty damn relieved to find someone else - total isolation wasn't something he was used to, and the network alone just wasn't cutting it. They hit it off well enough to decide to travel together for a few more days. "A few days" would eventually turn into "forever and ever and ever, stuck like glue, you and me baby we're stuck like glue".

new enemies
After picking up Royce's friend Tifa Lockhart, who'd died and then revived at the nearby chapel morgue, she, Alfie, and Royce decided to travel together for a while - they occasionally ran into others in the buildings they overnighted in, but the core group stayed just the three of them. They all got along pretty well, though there were some clashes - generally morality-related ones with Tifa, and struggles for dominance with Royce. When Gregory House used his knowledge of fantasy tropes to deduce that Royce was secretly a half-elf, though, Alfie came to his new ally's defense - Royce had already shared with him that elves were heavily oppressed by humans on his world, and half-elves were rejected by both elves and humans alike. Alfie tried to bully House into backing off, and eventually started a physical fight and threw around some seriously-meant threats to slit his throat. Tifa was able to successfully deescalate the situation, but this would prove to be only the first of many violent confrontations with House.

even more enemies
After dying in a monster attack the night of the incident with House, Alfie revived in the hospital morgue - with none of his supplies, wearing nothing but a bathrobe and slippers, with his buddies far enough away that they'd be unable to reach him for several days. Despite his mistrust of Alfie, John Watson was in the area and offered to bring him some food and supplies - and despite his mistrust of police and law enforcement figures, Alfie grudgingly accepted. Watson was curious about the circumstances surrounding Alfie's death, particularly after he heard that there had been some sort of fight before it had happened. Alfie confirmed that he wasn't murdered (something that Watson didn't quite believe), but refused to elaborate further. When he found out that Watson was continuing to ask other people for deets, he decided to warn the guy off by waking him up in the middle of the night by holding a scalpel to his neck. Watson held his own against him, and threatened him right back, which impressed Alfie. He ended the night seeing Watson as something of a worthy adversary, and Watson ended the night seeing Alfie as a fucking asshole who he most assuredly did not like at all.

emergency repairs
The morning after the incident with Watson, Alfie woke up alone. Watson had vanished. A few hours later, the explanation for this vanishing came - half the town had been spirited away to a mysterious location and had to solve puzzles, navigate mazes, etc. in order to earn their freedom. Those left behind could communicate with them via the network tablets and do what they could to help out, but they were locked in whatever building they'd spent the previous night in. Unfortunately, the building Alfie and Watson had met up in was a cramped, windowless basement devoid of any furniture or plumbing, and almost all of Watson's supplies had disappeared along with him. Alfie immediately set to work digging a latrine into the crumbling stone floor, and rationing what little water he'd been left with. He had no food at all, and severe illness intermittently struck those who had been left behind, making things even more unpleasant. On the fourth morning, the event ended and Watson reappeared, finding a half-starved Alfie in much worse shape than he'd left him in. Despite the tense (to say the least) state of their relationship, Watson stayed with Alfie for most of the day to help him recover and find a house with a bed. When he left that evening, he left him with enough food and water to last until Royce and Tifa got to him.

murdering House
Royce, Tifa, and Alfie continued to travel together. Tifa's boyfriend Cloud was with them for a little while until his death, and they would occasionally run into other people or splinter off to meet up and trade with other groups - but for the most part, it was just the three of them, and they grew close. House continued to pick at Royce's sensitivity over his heritage, eventually getting his revenge for the way their first confrontation had gone (and for Royce cutting him during a trading session) by revealing that he was a half-elf in a public comment on the network. Royce decided that this was something House needed to die for, and though Alfie didn't participate directly, he helpfully lent him a scalpel to aid in the murdering. The aftermath of this also caused even more strain between Alfie and Watson. On his way back from the murder, Royce ran into Watson and House's friend Ecks (who had also been present during their first clash). House had told Ecks what Royce had done, and she surprised him in the night with a knife, planning to hurt and possibly kill him. Watson walked in on the scene, found out the full story from her, and decided that while he couldn't let her kill Royce, he couldn't let Royce go free either. He tied Royce up, planning to take him along with them the next day. While Royce was tied and defenseless, Ecks moved in for the kill, stabbing him to death with a pair of scissors. Though Ecks was the one who killed him, both Alfie and Royce blamed Watson for the incident. In their minds, Ecks's beef with Royce was legitimate (he'd killed her friend, after all, even though he felt it was deserved and didn't regret it) - but Watson was an uninvolved party who had no right to butt in. By tying Royce up, he'd made it so he couldn't defend himself, which was unforgivable. They decided not to retaliate, however, figuring (correctly) that Watson's intense guilt over the way things had gone would be punishment enough.

a new member of the group
When Royce revived, he ran into someone unexpected - Emily Kaldwin, a little girl who'd just arrived recently. His death price was the temporary loss of his balance, so she helped him walk. Not wanting her to go wandering off on her own, they kept her with them, and it wasn't long before she became part of the gang. What good influences she had in these deathmurder assholes!

Alfie flirted shamelessly with Fiona pretty much from their first network conversation, something that continued when they started occasionally meeting up in person - first just to trade, and then because they wanted to see each other. Though she was also attracted to him, things were a little strained at times because she was also very close with Watson - and as she traveled with Watson regularly the way Alfie did with Royce and Tifa (and now Emily), going to visit Fiona usually meant seeing Watson as well. This went about as well as could be expected at first, but slowly, things got less tense between them. Alfie made it clear that he held Watson responsible for Royce's death and did not intend to forgive and forget, but because Royce had come back to life, he didn't feel the need to hate him forever over it either. Watson, in turn, warmed to Alfie after seeing the genuine affection he had for Fiona. This newfound friendship even lasted past Fiona's death - she was beaten to death by the Joker, not long after Alfie kissed her for the first time.

brokerage services & unregulated trade
Alfie, already having expressed interest in forming organized supply runs to get useful things to the people who were exploring new areas, decided to set up a trade network. It actually didn't go totally terribly, even considering the fact that most of the town was aware that he was big into organized crime at home.

lavender's blue
For metaplot-related reasons that would be too complicated to get into here and still haven't been fully revealed, half the town was being plagued by persistent urges to violently murder people. Alfie and Royce were unaffected, but Tifa and Emily weren't so lucky - and they ended up disembowling the boys while they were still alive. It was messy, gorey, and brutal, and pretty damn traumatizing for all involved. Alfie didn't blame either of them for what they'd done, and actually sought them out to reassure them.

torturing House
To absolutely nobody's surprise, House continued to taunt Royce, and also to nobody's surprise, Alfie and Royce weren't prepared to let that go. After having vaguethreatened him with a "visit", Alfie was happy to run into him by chance one night, and he and Royce cornered him in a bathroom. Royce and Alfie argued a bit about what to do - Alfie just wanted to menace him because Emily was in the house, but Royce wanted to go whole hog with the torture. In the end, Royce cut off his earlobe... just in time for Emily to come investigate the noise and see what they were doing. She screamed and ran off in fear, and though they were able to calm her down later and get her not to be terrified of them, they still felt pretty terrible about it. As they should have, because they are terrible people.

One of Alfie's longstanding trade deals involved trading Vicodin with House. The original deal was that House, who suffered from a crippling addition to the stuff, would prescribe his own dosage to Alfie, who would then trade most of it to him. This was fine with Alfie - he'd get a painkiller for his back pain, and considering how high the dosage was, he'd be able to cut up the pills and go through them very slowly. Unfortunately, a man called the Undertaker came onto the scene. He came across one of Alfie's bottles at the pharmacy and took it, then tried to ransom it back to him. Alfie wasn't having it, and set about trying to track down the guy to take the pills back. When the ransom didn't work, he traded the bottle to House, and so Alfie started going after House too. When House was affected by a death loss that forced him to follow other people's orders, Alfie immediately ordered him to come to him. Not having any other choice, he did, and Alfie punished him by taking all of the pills he had on him as well as several of his supplies, then left him to deal with the subsequent Vicodin withdrawal. House spilled the beans on the network not long after. This, more than anything that had been done to House by Royce and Alfie, earned the town's ire - in part because it was made more public than any of the past incidents had been, but mostly because the issue of free will was a very sensitive subject for many people in the town, and the idea that Alfie had knowingly taken advantage of House's lack of it was too much for a lot of them to swallow.

the most awful thing
While walking through the snow one day, Emily spotted the remains of some gardening stakes sticking out of the ground, and went running towards them to investigate. Unfortunately, she tripped and fell, and landed on one that was mostly hidden under the snow. Alfie, Royce, and Tifa went tearing after her, ignoring their own safety in trying to get to her as fast as possible, and Tifa suffered a similar accident. The guys dragged the two of them inside, but they ended up bleeding out from their injuries, which pretty much broke Royce and Alfie. The two of them only had each other now, and while they were already very close, this brought them even closer still. Alfie started to pull away from his other friends and friendly acquaintances - not purposefully and not completely, but he contacted them less and less, in favor of lying around like a severely depressed lump. An event that made him share his feelings basically sums up what his mindset was like at this point.

the end
From the girls' death on, Alfie and Royce didn't leave each others' sides unless they were literally forced away from each other. They were together for everything - through their grief, through the time that they were stalked by monsters that looked like Fiona and Royce's dead wife, through the time that they were chased by a monster that looked a little bit like Emily, through the time when they both turned into monsters themselves. They slept in the same bed every night for warmth and comfort, and started getting drunk together whenever they happened across a bottle of liquor. Alfie had the occasional little breakdown that Royce helped him through, and Alfie in turn helped Royce through his. They became each others' worlds - the only thing that they could count on and lean on.

And then Alfie was killed by a monster and he woke up in the Meadous. Oops.
How did they change from their canon personality wise (Please explain what caused it to happen?)
Honestly? Not a lot. Alfie is, at his core, very secure in his sense of self and at peace with who he is, and any significant personality shifts would likely take either a lot of time or a lot of effort. There have, however, been some changes to his demeanor and behavior. Though he still has a good handle on his emotions most of the time, he's more likely to slip now - mostly due to trauma, sadness, or fear, but sometimes due to anger or frustration as well. He's much more inclined to wonder if things are tricks or hallucinations, something that honestly wouldn't have occurred to him at all pre-Norfinbury. He'll probably always have the niggling suspicion that the Meadous isn't really real, or is just an extension of Norfinbury. Norfinbury habits will be hard to break, too - there will be a lot of food- and supply-hoarding, and it'll probably be a while before he gets comfortable with the idea of being outside after 7PM (lockdown in Norfinbury started at 8, and characters were advised to find shelter an hour before that). He's severely depressed, and while pre-Norfinbury he was a social person despite not being particularly friendly, right now he isn't very social or friendly.

All in all, though, he'll vastly prefer the Meadous to Norfinbury. He won't entirely trust it, and he won't be the friendliest with the NPCs, but he'll take the approach of "I won't let myself get too comfortable and forget that this might all be fake, but I'll enjoy its benefits while I have them". He won't want to stay forever and make a new home here - he's too invested in his own home for that - and he'll be happiest if he can get some reassurance that efforts are being made to return the people who want to go back to where they came from, but he'll be tentatively okay with the idea of resting and relaxing as he waits for that to happen. He'll be heartened by the fact that Norfinbury people show up sometimes, and will hold out hope that some of the dead people who he cares about (Fiona, Tifa, Emily, etc.) will be among them someday. Whether or not he'll cause trouble will be a toss-up. A lot of the stuff in my original app still applies re: how he'll relate to different kinds of people, but he'll probably be a bit less likely to go after or get into trouble with people in the Meadous because of its strong SOL themes. That's not to say it'll never happen, because honestly it probably will at some point - but without the environment helping to drive that sort of thing, he'll have less of a reason to, and Alfie's not much of a "just because" asshole.

How did they change from their canon physically (Please explain what caused it to happen?):
Due to the food situation in Norfinbury (basically, there isn't a lot of it, and what is there is shitty), he's underweight and malnourished, and generally a lot more gaunt and unhealthy-looking than in canon. He already suffered from sciatica, and having to do a lot of walking without proper rest and support has exacerbated that - he moves more slowly and gingerly, his limp is more pronounced, and he's in pain more often. His hair and beard have also grayed significantly.


- a backpack
- a plush messenger bag
- two trash bags
- a pillowcase
- a black wool coat
- a black top hat
- workboots
- an off-white button-down shirt
- a thin black vest
- black trousers
- two pairs of underwear
- two pairs of socks (one sheer and very thin)
- a warm and fluffy robe
- bath slippers
- sneakers
- a pair of rubber gloves
- earmuffs
- mittens
- a yarmulke
- a baseball cap
- a leather jacket with "#squadgoals" written on the tag in black marker
- thick and warm socks
- a sweat band
- a bra
- shorts
- two belts
- a tank top
- a Capture the Flag belt
- a pair of socks with footballs on them
- footed pajamas
- a white top hat with faded bloodstains on it
- fourteen days' worth of Norfinbury-style rations
- brown sugar
- gum
- a can of soda
- canned spinach
- pince-nez glasses strung on a thin gold chain
- a braided metal gold bracelet
- two simple gold ring bands
- two large and heavy rings with flat faces
- two canes, one thin but sturdy and wooden
- four blankets - one thin but soft, one with several holes in it, one soft and white with a good portion of a classic novel about a man breaking out of prison to get revenge on those who wronged him written on it in red lettering
- two candles, one cupcake-scented
- a 4''x6'' wooden picture frame with thumb tacks pressed into it
- three bath towels
- a wooden chair leg with one end sharpened to a point
- two coffee pots
- a trash bag with three large holes torn in it
- two pairs of reading glasses
- a razor
- five darts
- a resealable pouch with three makeup remover wipes
- two glasses cases
- one and a half bottles of Vicodin
- a pizza cutter
- a set of fake glasses with a nose and a mustache attached to them; the stems have been snapped off and sharpened
- an umbrella
- a tube of toothpaste
- a bottle of mouthwash
- a jump rope
- six pillows - one a travel pillow, one a down pillow, one a neck pillow, one a throw pillow, and one body pillow
- a broom handle with bits of metal jammed into one end
- two bottles of sleeping pills
- a thermos
- titanium white oil paint
- paperclips
- a shiv made from a pencil and some sharpened staples
- a pair of oven mitts
- a roll of aluminum foil
- a bottle of hand sanitizer
- a fruit knife
- multiple hair ribbons
- a postcard
- two bottles of shampoo
- a bottle of vinegar
- plastic wrap
- six bags of peppermint tea
- bleach
- two cans of coffee beans
- tea infuser
- two tablet covers
- a bottle opener
- two pairs of sunglasses
- pale purple nail polish
- neutral-toned eyeshadow
- three seat cushions
- a pizza slice server
- a plastic spoon
- five books (one about a magical coat that bestows its wearer with great power, and one about birds with human legs and arms, one about colonizing planets, one about the dominance of television, and one on geography)
- a bookmark with a tassel and a ladybug pattern
- a stuffed bear
- a whole tablecloth and a fourth of a tablecloth, torn into strips
- wasabi
- a bottle of baby powder
- a pack of 20 party balloons
- earrings in a box
- measuring tape
- a rug
- an animal trap
- a sewing kit
- a quilting needle
- petroleum jelly
- sunscreen
- face wipes
- three bottles of hand lotion
- four armlengths of fishing line
- two cigarettes
- a box of lemon tea
- a bottle of cough syrup
- coffee filters
- wallpaper glue
- Vitamin D
- a matchbook
- tealights
- a salt lick
- a fork
- a corkscrew
- two erasers
- a notebook
- a pencil sharpener
- a football helmet
- a whistle
- a lanyard
- felt
- a halter top
- two packets of tissues
- an erotic magazine
- a grabber tool
- a hammer
- four matches
- chapstick
- a harmonica
- two pencils
- a pen
- two boxes of push pins
- a tape measure
- fabric
- a child's sketchbook
- markers
- a month's supply of Tramadol at 100 mg per day
- a bucket
- an empty toolbox
- screws
- motor oil
- a baseball bat
- a screwdriver
- a combination lock
- a thin strip of wire
- a bottle of fluoxetine prescribed to Emily Kaldwin
- two sheets of packing stickers
- packing tape
- a sleeve of bubble mailer
- tea diffuser
- nesting dolls
- six condoms
- nail polish remover
- a pumice stone
- a facial mask
- a stop for sharpening razors
- sheers
- an ice cream scoop
- a pizza peel for removing pizzas from ovens
- a flour sifter
- a mop bucket
- a crazy straw
- black thread
- knitting needles
- yarn
- jewelry cleaner
- a dustrag
- a stylus
- screen cleaner
- a dusting pad
- a walking stick
- a can opener
- a washcloth
- an air mattress
- a stew pot
- a hockey stick
- sheet music to a simple song
- an empty bottle of prescription-grade painkillers with the name on the label ripped off
- a painting sponge shaped like a flower
- lip gloss
- an ash shovel
- soft and thick curtains
- a saucepan
- blue lipstick
- a wrist brace
- twenty bags of black tea
- a one-person tent
- a tablet

Please provide three samples from your previous game, at least one will have to be third person with context:
Sample One: telling stories
Sample Two: menacing a dude
Sample Three: wartime songs

And because those are all from pretty early on, have a few more recent things for good measure:

two truths and a lie

aaaaand all the links in the history part I'm covering my bases here okay

Notes: If we both get in, I'd like him to be put in the same house as Royce Melborn, please!
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