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- deep-voiced with a thick Cockney accent
- average height
- bulky and broad-shouldered
- has a little tattoo of a crown on the side of his right hand, near his knuckles
- usually carries a cane, but only occasionally uses it to walk with
- usually wears several rings and bracelets, all gold metal
- occasionally wears a yarmulke, usually under a black top hat
- wears and buys old-fashioned tailored clothing that's usually fairly simple in design
- uses pince-nez glasses for reading, and usually keeps them on a gold chain around his neck
- has a long, thin scar cutting through his beard on the right side of his face, but it's faded, and only noticeable to those who look closely

Maim/murder/death: Probably yes, but talk to me first!
Kissing: I'm fine with it OOCly, but his reaction will depend on who the other character is (unless it's a platonic kiss, in which case the same standards as hugs apply). Nothing romantic with characters under 18, please! In general, I'm also unlikely to want to do anything shippy with him with characters who are under 30, but that's not a 100% hard and fast rule.
Hugging: I'm fine with it OOCly, but his reaction will be highly dependent, and probably more based on the situation than on who the other character is.
Badtouch: Unless the thread is clearly leading up to it, let me know OOCly about your intentions first! And again, nothing with characters under 18.
Threadhopping: Sure, I'm completely fine with it as long as you don't hop into a locked conversation or log (unless your character would logically stumble upon the scene or you ask permission first).
Fourthwalling: Not allowed as per the game's rules!
Backdating: I'll continue any old conversation/log, no matter how long its been since the last comment (in other words, if you dropped a thread two months ago and now want to continue it, go ahead and I'll reply!). The same goes for replying to old entries - though obviously, I'll backdate any responses. The only exception to this would be if you replied to an entry from before your character was in the game, or if the thread would do anything to change things that happened later on.
Prose vs. Brackets: I tend to default to brackets just because that's the most common format here, but I like both and am down to do either. I'll generally match the style of whatever I'm tagging into, but if I have a brackets post/comment that you want to reply to with prose (or vice versa), go ahead, that's cool with me.
Sensitive Topics: I'm generally fine with having any topic discussed/touched on ICly, provided that it's warned for as necessary and handled with respect OOCly (IC disrespectfulness is par for the course sometimes and definitely not a dealbreaker for me). As Alfie is a pre-WWII Jewish guy, I'm going to mention the Holocaust specifically here. In-game, he isn't currently aware of what happens, even though the game setting is post-WWII and he attends services at a synagogue and everything - it's a big and serious enough topic that I don't want to just handwave AND THEN HE FOUND OUT ABOUT THE FUTURE GENOCIDE OF HIS PEOPLE, HO-HUM. However, if you play a character for whom WWII/Holocaust talk is IC/relevant/whatever, I'm not opposed to it coming up, especially since I know we do have some characters from that era in-game. Basically, I'm not going to go there without reason, but if there does end up being reason, I'm not opposed. If you have a character for whom this might be relevant and you have any questions (about how Alfie might react, about limits for depth of IC discussion, etc.), feel free to contact me.


This post also serves as an OOC contact/plotting/spam/whatever post, so feel free to use it whenever you want.


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