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To facilitate the spread of supplies, requested goods and goods available for trade may be listed here. ALFIE SOLOMONS may be contracted as broker for an additional fee to be negotiated by the parties involved. Brokerage services may include:

Negotiation of the trade deal
Enforcement of the pre-arranged terms of the trade deal
Delivery of goods

Once an agreement has been reached, the broker will require a small nonrefundable deposit, to be paid as soon as possible. Full payment will be due once the trade has been completed.

Participants must be aware of the risk involved in trade in Norfinbury, including but not limited to significant delays caused by unforeseen town activities and the disappearance of trade goods to due the deaths of one or more participants. The broker will be responsible for making a good faith effort to see a deal done, but cannot give a 100% guarantee of success. The initial deposit is nonrefundable regardless of the outcome of the deal, except in cases of negligence on the part of the broker. If a trade fails or is cancelled for any reason, final payment will not be required. Purposeful failure to uphold any part of an agreed-upon brokerage deal will result in future blacklisting from brokerage services.

The broker will not act as an enforcer for deals made by parties who do not hire him as broker from the onset, and no protections or guarantees will be given in these cases.

[OOC: WELCOME TO TRADEAPALOOZA. As you can probably tell, this is an IC trade organization post and brokerage service run by Alfie Solomons. IC discussion of any kind is totally welcome - just make sure it's under the right header! On an OOC level, it's like the player-placed items page in that it's an independent player-run thing and not managed by the mods. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me OOCly at [ profile] ihdreniel or through PM!

2/9/17 ADDENDUM: Since Alfie has been outed as the guy who stole House's supplies and characters might no longer trust him to see their supply lists/broker trades, I'm just adding a reminder that comments to this post can be filtered from him!]
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